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 + This page is for people who want to understand the current state of WISP firmware development.\\ \\ 
 +===== What's being actively developed now =====
 +\\  Active development is underway on firmware for the new WISP 4.1 hardware (4.1DL), also known as "the blue WISP" . The new hardware uses the MSP430F2132 part, which offers us a good trade off of more flash for firmware but decent power consumption.\\ \\  The current source is hw41_D41.c. The hw41_D41.c implementation notes are [[hw41_d41.c|here]].\\ \\  Hw41_D41.c r65, AKA "​release 1.0," supports simple hardcoded query/acks, hardcoded reads, accelerometer sampling, and temperature sampling. It is derived from hw40A_D53.c,​ which ran on a modified version of the [[wisp_4.0_dl|WISP 4.0 DL hardware]].\\ \\  Hw41_D41.c supersedes all previous versions of the firmware, and all other versions of the firmware are deprecated.\\ \\ **Firmware status**\\ \\  Note: This section describes the status of the latest versions of each release. See the release-specific implementation notes for status of previous versions.\\ ​
 +| Fw src\\ | WISP hw\\ | Readers\\ | Functionality\\ | RFID protocol\\ | Modulation\\ | Range (cold start)\\ | comments\\ | known issues\\ |
 +| hw41_D41.c - r65\\ | 4.1DL\\ | Impinj 3.0.2\\ | query-ack/​query-ack-sensor/​read/​read-sensor\\ | gen2\\ | Miller-4\\ | 10'​3"​\\ | range with cmos modulator\\ | see [[hw41_d41.c|the implementation notes]]\\ |
 +| hw41_D53.c - r14\\ | 4.1DL\\ | Impinj 3.0.2\\ | query-ack/​query-ack-sensor/​read/​read-sensor\\ | gen2\\ | Miller-4\\ | varies\\ | used in 4.1DL prototype testing\\ | see [[power_lab_notebook|notes documenting our power management experiments]]\\ |
 +\\ **Licensing**\\ \\  See our [[space.license|license page]] for more information.\\ \\ 
 +==== **Where to get** the firmware ====
 +\\  From the [[https://​​wisp|WISP page on GitHub]]. Stable releases are [[https://​​wisp/​dlwisp41/​tags|tagged]] for easy downloading. To keep abreast of continuous bug fixes in between releases, [[getting_firmware_and_software|clone the firmware repository]] and build from there.\\ \\ 
 +===== Other firmware versions =====
 +\\  To find out information about firmware for deprecated WISP hardware revisions, see the [[wisp_4.0_dl|WISP 4.0 DL]] and [[wisp_g2.0|WISP G2.0]] pages.\\ \\  The WISP 4.1 firmware set is managed mostly through the GitHub repository mentioned above and development should typically be based on the code found there. However, for legacy reasons, here is the firmware set which has been posted on the wiki since the release of WISP 4.1. **Use of this firmware set is NOT recommended. Please use the latest revision from the [[http://​​wisp/​dlwisp41|repository]].**\\ [[/​file/​view/​​61270236/​|{{http://​​i/​mime/​32/​application/​zip.png?​32x32|}}]][[/​file/​view/​​61270236/​|]]\\ ​
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 +\\ \\ 
 +==== Related Resources ====
 +\\  Version 1.0.9 of the EPCGlobal gen2 spec is [[http://​​standards/​uhfc1g2/​uhfc1g2_1_0_9-standard-20050126.pdf|here]] [pdf].\\ \\  Our UMass collaborators started a [[wisp_code_examples|WISP code examples]] page. Great idea!\\ \\  TI has //a lot// of MSP430 code examples [[http://​​mcu/​docs/​mcuprodcodeexamples.tsp?​sectionId=96&​tabId=1468|here]] . You'll also find some code samples with your IAR IDE.\\ \\  There are a couple of books about MSP430 firmware. [[http://​​MSP430-Microcontroller-Basics-John-Davies/​dp/​0750682760/​ref=pd_bbs_sr_2?​ie=UTF8&​s=books&​qid=1219875425&​sr=8-2|MSP430 Microcontroller Basics]] is a good introduction to the mcu if you don't have an embedded background. [[http://​​Embedded-Systems-Design-MSP430-Technology/​dp/​075067623X/​ref=pd_bbs_sr_3?​ie=UTF8&​s=books&​qid=1219875425&​sr=8-3|Embedded Systems Design Using the TI MSP430 Series]] is most useful for people who already have a firmware background. I haven'​t read [[http://​​MSP430-State-Machine-Programming-ES2274/​dp/​0975475924/​ref=pd_sim_b_1|MSP430 State Machine Programming]] yet; if you have and would like to weigh in, please edit this page.\\ \\ \\ This is a test; please {{ :​octane_llrp_v3_0_13.pdf| ignore}}\\ \\ \\
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