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 + This page is for people who want to understand the state of WISP version G2.0 hardware and firmware. Alanson Sample, Dan Yeager, and [[http://​​user/​view/​pollyp|Polly Powledge]] maintain this page.\\ ​
 +===== WISP version G2.0 hardware =====
 +\\  The version G2.0 WISP ("the red WISP") uses the MSP430F2012 microcontroller. This WISP included a 3D accelerometer,​ temperature sensor, and LED. The MCU had 2KB of flash, which meant that firmware had to be limited in functionality. (One trick for expanding the code space is to instruct the compiler to insert code fragments in information memory.)\\ \\ 
 +===== WISP version G2.0 firmware =====
 +\\ **2009-02-07 Update - [[http://​​user/​view/​yeagerd|{{http://​​user/​pic/​yeagerd-lg.jpg?​16x16|yeagerd}}]] [[http://​​user/​view/​yeagerd|yeagerd]]**\\ \\  We now have cross-compatible code for all gen2 WISP flavors. Unfortunately is it permanently branched from the main code due to the severe flash space restrictions in the Red WISP, and thus titled "​minimalist"​ or "​simple."​ This branch removes all slotting, sessions, Access commands, and Access state information. Only Query and Ack are supported, sending Accelerometer or Temperature data in the EPC to Impinj 3.0.* Readers. However, it is fully compatible with newer WISP flavors via a #define flag and fully compatible with the Impinj GUI App EPC format definitions. **This code is not maintained**\\ \\  See: SVN\contrib\SIMPLE_ALL_HW\\\ \\ **2008 Deprecated Rohit Accelerometer Code - [[http://​​user/​view/​ripras|{{http://​​user/​pic/​ripras-lg.jpg?​16x16|ripras}}]] [[http://​​user/​view/​ripras|ripras]]**\\ \\  For this hardware, we use a version of firmware that samples the accelerometer and sends the payload back in the ID field. It is popularly known as "the Rohit code," after our first external user of this code.\\ \\  See C:​\local\Embedded Code\SVN\firmware\trunk\HW_3_0\\ \\ 
 +==== **Tech Docs** ====
 +\\ {{ :​wisp_g2.0.pdf|Schematic}}\\ \\ [[/​file/​view/​pinDefWISP2.0.h/​56623576/​pinDefWISP2.0.h|{{http://​​i/​mime/​32/​text/​x-c.png?​32x32|pinDefWISP2.0.h}}]][[/​file/​view/​pinDefWISP2.0.h/​56623576/​pinDefWISP2.0.h|pinDefWISP2.0.h]]\\ ​
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 +\\ \\ **Licensing**\\ \\  See our [[space.license|license page]] for more information.\\ \\ **Where to get**\\ \\  See our [[getting_firmware_and_software|getting firmware and software page]] for information about our SVN code repository.
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