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Wiki Task List

Wiki feature request page.
Bored? Fix up the wiki! Be sure to update this page if you fix something.

(Urgent stuff goes at the TOP)

Example Code Requests

  • Add a description of wanted code for developers - “Ideas”
  • How do I turn on / off communication in the WISP code?
  • Need some wirelessly powered example code - ex, blink led, etc.
  • Cap sense
  • Power napping


  • Needs fleshing out

__Back Burner:__

Learning - RFID MAC

  • Maybe Russell can take a stab at this?

Learning - MSP430 Info

  • How to set/clear pins
  • Lessons on interrupts, interrupt flags, etc.
  • ADC info
  • Common hangups like: #defines don't get a “;”

WISP 4.0DL Documentation

  • Schematics need licensing

WISP G2.0 Documentation

  • PCB needs licensing

WISP Gen 1 Documentation

  • Schematic, PCB - not done and needs licensing
  • This info would be useful to Kevin Fu and others with legacy hardware.

  • Nothing yet…

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