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Help! My WISP, Reader, etc. doesn't work!
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My WISP won't program

The latest programming adapters have an LED which should be ON if everything is connected properly.

To troubleshoot the old adapters:

a. You may have the JTAG cable backwards on the programming board. On the Hardware Page note the white dot to the right of the JTAG 2×7 header - this should align with the red stripe on the cable.

b. You may have the wisp connected backwards. Try it the other way.

If you are hardware savvy, measure the voltage between vdd and ground on the programming adapter. It should be the same as the selected voltage in iar project options. If the It flashes between 0 and roughly 1V (it probes and sees a short if its backwards). The debugger may not output voltage until after the first attempt at programming. Try programming and test the voltage after the error occurs.

I can't connect to the reader via the web app

  • Make sure you have power and ethernet connected.

The web app can't read the WISP

  • Can you read a commercial tag?
  • Is the WISP oriented towards the reader?

I can't get the C# app to connect to the reader

  • Make sure you can connect via the web app
  • Check the IP address from the web app

The C# app can't read the WISP

  • See: “The web app can't read the WISP”

My WISP code edits don't work

All of my WISPs have the same ID

You may have to program the WISPs with their respective serial numbers. See Programming the WISP

Is there a support mailing list for WISP users?

We are currently using this Wiki's discussion board. To subscribe to email notifications, see the instructions here.

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