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**Software-Defined / Custom RFID Readers**

This page is meant to point users in the direction of useful information for building, developing, and using a SDR. Questions? - buettner maintains this page.

USRP N210 (Universal Software-Defied Radio) Laura Arjona developped a software defined Gen2 RFID reader using the USRP N210. You can find the software here. You can contact Laura at for information.

USRP (Universal Software-Defied Radio) Version 1

Michael Buettner developed a software defined Gen2 RFID Reader using the v1 USRP. There are a few important things to consider if your research plan depends on its use:

First, the USRP hardware will cost ~ $1200, and you will need to do some (very basic) soldering to modify the RF daughterboard. (You need to remove a filter on the transmit path, or else the high power Gen 2 continuous wave will burn it out.)

Second, the software is still very much “research code”. There are other groups that are using it, but it take some time and effort to get up and running. It is not a turnkey solution. Generally, to be successful requires some background in the Gen 2 physical layer and signal processing, experience with GNU Radio, and a good working knowledge of Linux. If any of these competencies are missing, you will need to accommodate for them in your research timeline. I can give you some level of support for the reader and help you debug problems, but generally speaking, the SDR reader is not supported by the WISP Challenge Team.

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