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This section is for people how want to develop host applications that drive the RFID readers.

To get started, go look at the “How to get WISP data from your reader” section on the UsingWisps page. That describes some ways we are pulling WISP data off of readers now.

LLRP (on the Impinj Speedway Reader)


  • Works well with commercial tags. Read rate with WISP is not very good at the moment.
  • Inventory occurs once right now. The functionality to keep inventorying needs to be added.

Impinj LLRP v1.0.1 for Octane 3.0 readers (C#.NET solution)


LLRP EPC Standard- The spec for LLRP.
EPC Tag Data Standard - The spec defining the EPC representation of raw data on tags.

LLRP FAQ - Quick introduction to all things LLRP
LLRP Presentation - Powerpoint style introduction to LLRP

Octane LLRP v3.0.13 - Impinj's documentation on its LLRP implementation


external image bmp.png llrp.bmp - Screenshot of LLRP Application

The Impinj LLRP solution can be found here.



  • Type reader IP Address and click Open button
  • Click Inventory (does inventory once)

**Explicit Air Protocol Commands**

  • Add ROSpec - Adds the set of reader operations specified (number of queries per cycle, power level of antennas, frequency hopping spec, etc)
  • Delete ROSpec - Delete the current reader operation spec
  • Enable ROSpec - Enable the current reader operation spec
  • Start ROSpec - Run the current reader operation spec
  • Stop ROSpec - Start the current reader operation spec
  • Get Reader Config - Get the reader configuation
  • Set Reader Config - Set the reader configuation
  • Get Reader Capabilities - Get the reader capabilities (max antenna, transmit power range, etc)
  • Add AccessSpec - Add Access Specification (Read, Write, etc parameters)
  • Delete AccessSpec - Delete the current access spec
  • Disable AccessSpec - Disable the current access spec
  • Enable AccessSpec - Enable the current access spec
  • Get AccessSpec - Get the current access spec

**Other Open Source Efforts** - A programming toolkit for building and parsing LLRP messages - Rifidi open source IDE for RFID - Open source EPCglobal prototyping platform - Open source RFID edgeware - Open source LAN analyzer including a plug-in for LLRP

Other Reader Applications - Alien

Alien Reader Model ALR-9780 (compatible with other Alien Readers although not thoroughly tested)

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