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 [[http://​​People/​bio.php?​id=10|Przemysław Pawełczak]],​ TU Delft [[http://​​People/​bio.php?​id=10|Przemysław Pawełczak]],​ TU Delft
-Brandon LuciaCarnegie Mellon ​University+Wendi Henzelman, University ​of Rochester
-Aggelos BletsasTechnical ​University ​of Crete+Kaushik ChaudhuryNortheastern ​University
-Dongmin Kim,+[[https://​​|Brandon Lucia]]Carnegie Mellon University
-Matthew Reynolds+[[https://​​~aggelos/​|Aggelos Bletsas,]] Technical University of Crete
-Kevin Fu, University of Michigan+[[https://​​reynolds_matt/​|Matt Reynolds]], University of Washington 
 +[[https://​​~kevinfu/​|Kevin Fu]], University of Michigan 
 +[[http://​​|Josiah Hester]], Northwestern University
 ====== WISP Developers, Collaborators,​ Users ====== ====== WISP Developers, Collaborators,​ Users ======
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