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Groups currently active in wirelessly powered sensing & communication

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Joshua Smith, University of Washington (Main WISP Development Group)

Shyam Gollakota, University of Washington

Alanson Sample, University of Michigan

Thiemo Voight, Uppsala University

Przemysław Pawełczak, TU Delft

Wendi Heinzelman, University of Rochester

Kaushik Chowdhury, Northeastern University

Brandon Lucia, Carnegie Mellon University

Aggelos Bletsas, Technical University of Crete

Matt Reynolds, University of Washington

Kevin Fu, University of Michigan

Josiah Hester, Northwestern University

WISP Developers, Collaborators, Users

Make this Wiki a friendly place. Add your name, organization, URL, project description, etc.

Intel Research Seattle

The Intel Research Network of Labs operates under a model of collaboration between industry and academia. Wholly owned and funded by Intel, these labs also operate in a uniquely open fashion where much of their research is published and shared widely. Labs are located in Berkeley, Pittsburgh and Seattle.

Joshua Smith - jrsintel jrsintel
Intel Research Seattle
WISP Principal Investigator

David Weatherall - dwethera dwethera
Intel Research Seattle

Polly Powledge, Intel Research Seattle - pollyp pollyp
WISP Firmware developer

Alanson Sample - alanson alanson
PhD Student, University of Washington Electrical Engineering
Intel Research Seattle
WISP hardware developer

Ken Lafond - kglafond kglafond

Ben Greenstein - bengreenstein bengreenstein

Aaron Parks - anparks anparks
Graduate Student, University of Washington Electrical Engineering
WISP Hardware/Firmware developer

Justin Reina - jmreina jmreina

Intel Digital Home Group

Carmen Enns - karmkangaroo karmkangaroo

University of Washington Electrical Engineering

The University of Washington and Intel Research are located within just a few blocks. Many Intel interns from UW have contributed to the WISP project.

Several professors at UW have collaborated with or employed the WISP for various projects.

  • Professor Brian Otis - bpotis bpotis works with wireless sensing devices. See

Dan Yeager - yeagerd yeagerd
PhD Student, University of Washington Electrical Engineering
Former Intel Intern
WISP hardware and firmware developer

Seong-Ho Kim - shok shok
Graduate, University of Washington Electrical Engineering
Now with Cypress Semiconductor
WISP hardware and firmware developer

Fransisco Gomez Gamino - fransiscog fransiscog
WISP GUI developer

Russell Ames - ra03111 ra03111
Undergrad working on WISP 5.0 :)

Jeremy Holleman - hollemj hollemj
UW EE Wireless Sensing Lab

Azin Zarasvand - azin azin
UW EE Wireless Sensing Lab

Apurva Mishra - apurvamishra apurvamishra
UW EE Wireless Sensing Lab

Min Ting - tingm tingm
Undergrad working with Apu

Newell Jensen - pillar2012 pillar2012
EE graduate student

Jeff Braun - kennebraun kennebraun
EE Graduate Student, UW Electrical Engineering
EE Graduate Student
Antenna Designer

Manohar Nagaraju manohar.b.n
EE Graduate Student

- farzadh farzadh

Liang-Ting Jiang, Sensor System Lab, UW - jianglt jianglt

University of Washington Computer Science

Similar to the UW EE department, the CSE department has strong collaborative ties with Intel Research.

Professor David Wetherall currently serves as the Intel Research Lab Director, and several of his students work on WISP-related or RFID projects including Michael Buettner and Richa Prasad.

Richa Prasad - ripras ripras
WISP firmware, GUI developer

Ritika Prasad - ritika90 ritika90
GUI developer

Michael Buettner - buettner buettner
University of Washington, CSE

Tony Wu - mdzz mdzz

Vamsi Talla, Sensor Systems Lab - vamsitalla vamsitalla

Students from CSE 599U: Advanced topics in ubiquitous computing
Drew Bregel - bregel bregel
Ziyuan Zhang - mzhang86 mzhang86
Julia Schwarz - julenka julenka

UMass Amherst

Kevin Fu at UMass is one of WISP's earliest collaborators. Despite suffering through some of the early Gen1 prototypes, Kevin Fu started a class on RFID ( using WISP. He has published several papers using WISP ( and has several new projects underway (

Kevin Fu coined the term computational RFIDs, or CRFIDs. His group has a compilation of publications related to this topic here:

Kevin Fu - fubob fubob

Ben Ransford - ransford ransford
graduate student

Shane Clark - ssclark ssclark
graduate student

Jeremy Gummeson - gummeson gummeson

Mastooreh Salajegheh - negin_salajegheh negin_salajegheh
I am a PhD student in Computer Science department of University of Massachusetts Amherst

- sudheendraks sudheendraks

Hong Zhang - zhangh_umass zhangh_umass

Pengyu Zhang- pyzhang pyzhang
PhD student, Computer Science Department of University of Massachusetts Amherst

Deepak Ganesan - dganesan dganesan

Siddharth Gupta / University of Massachusetts Amherst - umass.sid umass.sid

University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

Nitesh's SPIES research group at UAB (previously at NYU-Poly) works on security and applied cryptography. They are looking into:

  • Fault-Tolerant Distributed Cryptography (e.g., in the context of MANETs)
  • Usable Security (e.g., Device Pairing; User Authentication)
  • Security of P2P Systems
  • Privacy and Anonymity on the Internet

Nitesh Saxena, Assistant Professor in CIS - nsaxena nsaxena

Jonathan Voris, former Ph.D. Student, now a post-doc at Columbia - jvoris01 jvoris01
Tzipora Halevi, former Ph.D. Student, now a post-doc at NYU
Babins Shrestha, Ph.D. Student

1-2) [RFIDSec'10 + IJIS'11] We Can Remember It for You Wholesale: Implications of Data Remanence on the Use of RAM for True Random Number Generation on RFID Tags
Data Remanence Effects on Memory Based Entropy Collection for RFID Systems
3-4) [RFIDSec'10 + JCS'11] Using HB Family of Protocols for Privacy-Preserving Authentication of RFID Tags in a Population
Tree-based HB Protocols for Privacy-Preserving Authentication of RFID Tags
5) [WiSec'11] Accelerometer Based Random Number Generation on RFID Tags
6) [RFIDSec'10] Still and Silent: Motion Detection for Enhanced RFID Security and Privacy without Changing the Usage Model
7-8) [CCS'11 + TIFS'13] On Pairing Constrained Wireless Devices Based on Secrecy of Auxiliary Channels: The Case of Acoustic Eavesdropping
Acoustic Eavesdropping Attacks on Constrained Wireless Device Pairing
9) [Percom'11] Vibrate-to-Unlock: Mobile Phone Assisted User Authentication to Multiple Personal RFID Tags
10) [Percom'12] Sensing-Enabled Defenses to RFID Unauthorized Reading and Relay Attacks without Changing the Usage Model
11-12) [WiSec'12 + TDSC'13] Location-Aware and Safer Cards: Enhancing RFID Security and Privacy via Location Sensing
Location-Aware and Safer Cards: Enhancing RFID Security and Privacy via Location Sensing
13) [ESORICS'12] Secure Proximity Detection for NFC Devices based on Ambient Sensor Data

Birkbeck College, University of London
School of Computer Science and Information Systems
George Roussos

The Royal College of Art and Imperial College London

Alexander Bone - aboa aboa

University of California, Berkeley

Computer Science Division
Prabal Dutta
David Culler

Will Biederman - willjb willjb
EE PhD Student

Andreas Mehmanna, Berkeley / ETHZ - mehmanna mehmanna

Kent State University

Department of Computer Science
Mikhail Nesterenko

Georgia Institute of Technology

Department of ECE
Matthew Trotter
Mauro Marroncelli - Athena lab - - mauromarro mauromarro
Vasileios Lakafosis - lacbil lacbil

Georgia Tech Ireland

Joe Dowling
Chris Valenta - valentcr valentcr

University of Colorado, Boulder

Department of Computer Science

Damon McCoy
Damon McCoy is a PhD student in computer science at University of Colorado at Boulder. His research interests are in the areas of distributed systems and security. He plans to pursue thesis work in the area of anonymity.

National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), Taiwan

Department of Computer Science
- mrpig1029 mrpig1029
“I am a graduate student in NTHU, Taiwan. My research interest is RFID security.”

Donghua University, Shanghai, China

Minjie Zhang - mjzhang mjzhang

University of Rochester, NY

PI: Wendi Heinzelman
'Bach' He Ba - bachba bachba
Master student from ECE department of University of Rochester
Michael Nolan - mickeynolan mickeynolan

- chenlifox chenlifox

Monash University

Rakib Hassan - rakibhassan rakibhassan
PhD student in Monash University, Australia

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Juha Sundholm - sundiz sundiz
Intern in Helsinki Metropolia university of applied sciences working with RFID.

Karri Siren - Karrihund Karrihund
Intern at Metropolia University Of Applied Sciences Finland

University of Virginia Computer Science

Professor John Stankovic - stankovic stankovic

Kirti Chawla - kirti_chawla kirti_chawla

I am a graduate student. My research involves interplay between Computer Security, RFID and Sensors to invent techniques, methodologies, tools, and novel prototypes with applicability to Ubiquitous Computing. Please take a moment to consider my Portfolio.

Current WISP projects:

1. A prototype WISP-based glove (“Ubi-glove”) for home-automation.
Link: Demo 1 (Switching ON/OFF Lamp with a Gesture), Demo 2 (Locking Windows Workstation with a Gesture), and Demo 3 (Updating Status Message in Yahoo Messenger with a Gesture).

2. A preliminary privacy study involving characterization of kinesics as uniquely identifiable fingerprint.
Link: Paper

Enamul Hoque - enamulhoque1 enamulhoque1
Graduate Student
My Homepage

We use WISP tags to monitor quantity and quality of sleeping by instrumenting the mattress with WISPs (WISP_Sleeping_UVA). We are also interested in using the WISPs for early on-set detection of Alzheimer's (WISP_Alzheimer's_UVA).

University of California Merced

Varick Erickson - verickson verickson

AIST Japan

Bagus Santoso - bagus bagus
I am a postdoctoral researcher at AIST Japan. My current interest is lightweight cryptography.

Auckland University of Technology

Dave Parry - dtparry dtparry
Director of the AUT RFID (AURA) Laboratory
Lab homepage
My main interest is in medical applications of RFID, particularly in activity detection and error avoidance.

Alan Montefiore - alan_montefiore alan_montefiore

Ryerson University

Toronto, Canada
Gul N. Khan - gnkhan gnkhan
Markus Moessner - mbmoessner mbmoessner

Zhejiang University, China

Fachang Jiang - Fachang_Jiang Fachang_Jiang
Master's Student

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Nilanjan Banerjee - nilanb nilanb
Assistant Professor

University of New Mexico

Shawn Taylor - 5hawn 5hawn

University of London

Gerhard Hancke - freefrag1980 freefrag1980
- zeeshanbilal zeeshanbilal
ISG Smart Card Centre Royal Holloway

University of Ottawa, Canada

M. Suruz Miah - suruzWISP suruzWISP
Ph.D. Student, Research Interest: Mobile Robot Navigation Using RFID Technology

George Washington University

Selin Kayi - efsunselin efsunselin

Purdue Computer Science

Wei-Chiu Chuang - jojochuang jojochuang

Liverpool John Moores University

Paul Fergus - tocaloshi tocaloshi
Andrew Hardy Liverpoll - hardya hardya

University of Southern California

Joongheon Kim - joongheon joongheon

MIT Media Lab

Rachel Bainbridge - ithron ithron
Jack Dong - jackdong jackdong

Kettering University

Steven Carmain - racvets1 racvets1
Undergraduate Computer Engineer researching applications of WISPs, currently in computer mice

Southern Illinois University of Carbondale

Vallabh Ranga - vallabh.ranga vallabh.ranga
Harish Sekar - harishsekar harishsekar
Arjun Subramanya - arjunsj arjunsj

Graz University of Technology

see also IAIK Lab
Investigating AES encryption on the WISP
Manfred Aigner
Michael Hoefler
Robert Stoegbuchner - stoero stoero
related book chapter: Security Enhanced WISPs: Implementation Challenges, to appear in Wirelessly Powered Sensor Networks and Computational RFID, Springer, 2013.

Investigation of ECC on WISPs
Michael Hutter - mhutter1 mhutter1
Markus Pelnar
Christian Pendl
related paper: Elliptic Curve Cryptography on the WISP UHF RFID Tag, in 7th Workshop on Workshop on RFID Security - RFIDsec 2011, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA, June 26-28, 2011, Springer.
book chapter: Elliptic Curve Cryptography on WISPs, to appear in Security and Trends in Wireless Identification and Sensing Platform Tags: Advancements in RFID, IGI Global, 2012.

University of Waterloo

Qi (Raullen) Chai, ECE department - raullen raullen
Xinxin Fan, ECE department - xxfan xxfan

The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH University, Sweeden

Tuton Mallick - tuton_1 tuton_1
Yu Zhou, Master student - yuzhou_kth yuzhou_kth

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

I am from CSE department of HKUST and working on RFID systems. - kanglei kanglei
- matrixmaker matrixmaker

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Qiang Li -

University of Wisconsin, Madison
Atul Ingle, RFID Project Assistant - ingle.atul ingle.atul

University of Michigan

Di Ma - livanto livanto
Di Ma's research interests include network security, data and storage security, and applied cryptography. She is currently working on security issues of passive WSNs consisting of RFID sensors (RSensor) , characterized by unattended and intermittent sensor operation. All development, experimentation and system-level work will mostly be performed on Intel's WISP tags, a representative platform for RSensors.

Di Ma, Assistant Professor, Computer and Information Science.
SAFE: Security And Forensics rEsearch Lab (under construction)

Anudath Krishna Prasad, Student - anudath anudath

Related Paper:
Security and Privacy in Emerging Wireless Networks, Invited paper, to appear in IEEE Wireless Communication, Special Issue on Security and Privacy in Emerging Wireless Networks, Oct. 2010.

Michigan State University

Muhammad Shahzad - mshahzad86 mshahzad86
Fatin George, PhD student - Fatingeorge Fatingeorge

University of the Philippines Diliman

Wireless Communications Engineering Lab
Jennifer Uy, WCEL - UP EEEI - tenggy tenggy

Jerome Sison - jetsison18 jetsison18

John Alexes Cabico - wafu017 wafu017

Joecris Molina - joecris joecris

Hejeci Baluyo - hejeci hejeci

- mcmc2002 mcmc2002

Van Beek Informatica, Netherlands

Joost van Beek - vbibv vbibv

Ariel Univrsity Center Israel

Gideon Gur Arie - GideonArie GideonArie

Virginia Tech

Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Scott Midkiff, Professor
William Plymale - plymale plymale, PhD student

One-year undergraduate research project studying the application of
WISP technology to a tangible, presence-based messaging service called
Pebbles and Urns (P&U).

University of West Florida

Steve Satterfield - sms23 sms23

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Rutgers U-ECE Dept.

Yi Zhao - Joezhaoyi Joezhaoyi

Nile University, Egypt

Wireless Intelligent Networks Center (WINC)

Mohamed Elsabagh - melsabagh melsabagh

University of Split

Petar Solic - psolic psolic

National Polytechnical Institute - Mexico

Cuauhtemoc Peredo - NTemoW NTemoW

University of Adelaide

Roberto Shinmoto - robst robst
- rfidguru rfidguru
- yuan_y yuan_y
Bo Zhao - Ariex Ariex
Heranudin - broedyne broedyne

Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro

Mansoor Ali Shar - sharmansoor sharmansoor

Deusto Institute of Tecnology - Deusto University (SPAIN)

Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC), Barcelona Spain

Apostolos Georgiadis - ageorgiadis ageorgiadis
Selva Via - svia2 svia2
- cttc2 cttc2

FZI (Research Center for Information Technology) - Karlsruhe, Germany

Borges - borges-fzi borges-fzi

Grenoble Institute of Technology - France

Laboratory Design and Systems Integration
- omar-malek omar-malek

**Columbia University in the City of New York**

Myun Song (user: myunsong): wireless sensing of reinforced concrete. (Master's thesis at Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation)

Florida International University

Elicek Delgado - koc07 koc07

University of Houston

Aarhus University


Dokuz Eylul University
Computer Engineering Department ( )
Security Research Group ( )

Assist. Prof. Dr. Gökhan Dalkılıç
Phd Student Alaauldin Khıdır IBRAHIM
Phd Student Ömer AYDIN omer.aydin]]
Phd Student Umut Can ÇABUK
Ms Student Cem KÖSEMEN
Ms Student Yağmur KARAKOÇ

Industry Researchers, Consultants and Hobbyists

Andrew Biagioni, Biagioni Consulting Co. - ARBiag ARBiag
Frank Cannata, Hobbyist - fcannata1234 fcannata1234
Alan Marion, GAO RFID & Abiding Word Electrics - almarion almarion
Sebastian Adami, T3LAB of Bologna, Italy - sebastianadami sebastianadami
Fred Hendrix, Paulin Research Group - FrodoH FrodoH
Agnese Martini, INFN - LNF (Italy) - martiniagnese martiniagnese
Contract firmware engineer, currently at MIT Lincoln Lab - ALP_123 ALP_123
Matt Ryan, Ryan Mechatronics LLC - matterama matterama
Lijo Joseph, Techieton Information Systems, techieton techieton
Ramon Boixadera, KTH - ramonbp ramonbp
Riccardo Colella - riccardocolella riccardocolella
Wei-Chih Ting, ITRI shooding shooding
Carl Palmer, Mgr. Sensing & Monitoring, Impact Technologies LLC gas_turbine gas_turbine
–> Currently (8/26/10) managing Navy project for structural health monitoring using wireless strain sensing (Illionix doing WISP work).
Dan Ratner of ThingMagic - {{ danratner
Nicolas Reffé ORIDAO/EPFL - nreffe nreffe
Kyrre Aalerud, Creo Development, Norway - kyrreaa kyrreaa
Leigh Ann Daniels, Electronics Technologist, Compusult Ltd. - LeighAnnDaniels LeighAnnDaniels
Darryl Markowitz, Impact Technologies, Rochester, NY - darkowitz darkowitz
Frank Allen with EHT - RFID Convergence Center, Dayton Ohio - fallen0047 fallen0047
Chad Slining, InvoTech - cslining cslining
Okissoft - okiss okiss
Valerie Inclan, Illionix - val.inclan val.inclan
James Brown, Omni-ID - jamesbrown847 jamesbrown847
Greg Allen. FASTechnology Group hotwire911 hotwire911
James Lin, Tranz Technologies, Inc. - cjameslin cjameslin
Andrew Neo, WCEL - UP EEEI - a_neo a_neo
Puneet Jagralapudi, Hobbyist - jrpuneet jrpuneet
Marzia Sepe - Marzia81 Marzia81
Scott, working with Ricoh, - scott_consult scott_consult
Ben - foxxxyben foxxxyben
Walter Lim - wslim88 wslim88
Leonardo Bauchwitz, Varstat, Firma - lbauchwitz lbauchwitz
Heloisa Moura, PhD (Groupware@LES, PUC-Rio) - htmoura htmoura
Tushar Patel - tnp20 tnp20
Walter Hinz, Giesecke & Devrient GmbH - hinzw hinzw
Tal Raskin - TRaska TRaska
Encore - m9907607 m9907607
PCM Innovations LLC - parkerj66 parkerj66
Minturn Osborne, Power Agent Systems LLC - MinturnOsborne MinturnOsborne
Theophilus Benjamin Dorairaj, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd. - tbd1kor tbd1kor

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