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Questions? - yeagerd yeagerd and Polly Powledge maintain this page.

How do I get WISP hardware?

Intel Research Seattle is awarding WISPs to collaborators in the academic research community. If you're interested, apply to the WISP Challenge.

How do I get WISP firmware?

Details about the latest firmware release and instructions for getting the source are here.

How do I install the firmware on the WISPs?

How do I get the data from the WISPs?

Take a look at this tutorial about running the RFID reader.

Also, the protocol used by the WISP is described on this page: WISP Firmware Info

Why do all of my WISPs have the same ID?

You may have to program the WISPs with their respective serial numbers. See Programming the WISP

What sensors are available on the WISP challenge hardware?

The current WISP 4.1DL hardware has an ADXL330 3-Axis Accelerometer and the MSP430's built-in 10-bit temperature sensor. Sample code for both these sensors are in the released firmware. This hardware also has analog voltage sensing and a capacitance sensor. For more information on how to access the WISP hardware, see Using WISP HW. For schematics, a PCB layout and a header file declaring hardware pin names, see the WISP Hardware page.

Where can I find the protocol spec for the WISP sensors?

The WISP sensor protocol is described in Working with WISP firmware.

What licenses and terms and conditions apply to the Intel-originated WISP hardware, firmware and software?

These are described in the Wiki's license page.

I'm having problems with my WISP. How can I troubleshoot it?

Is there a support mailing list for WISP users?

We are currently using this Wiki's discussion board. To subscribe to email notifications, see the instructions here.

I heard the WISP has a super-capacitor to allow operation away from a reader. Where is it?

WISP doesn't ship with a supercap by default. See the Hardware FAQ for more details.

I heard the WISP has external EEPROM so I can save data to non-volatile memory. How do I use it?

See the EEPROM help page!

What if I want to use TI's Code Composer Essentials instead of IAR's software?

You will need to make a few changes to the firmware. See Installing Firmware

How do I make my own WISPs?

See the WISP Fabrication page!

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